Saturday, September 19

Catherine's Kitchen (and Birdcages)

I forgot to post some photos of Catherine's kitchen. Catherine Chung is the jewelry designer I wrote about a few weeks ago in multiple posts. Her kitchen features an eclectic mix of stuff, and there's not a nesting bowl in sight...

Birdcages, books, and sunglasses. Wonderful carved detail around the cabinet pulls.

The gold teapot is in the same tone as much of her jewelry. Shells and found objects adorn the birdcage on the back burner. I would kill for a crumbling brick wall in my apartment.

Live-looking fake birdie. An earring.

The table, artwork, some starfish, a handbag...

This guy is so cool: It's a vintage windup toy from (I think) Scandinavia. He bounces up and down on the spring, and his arms flap. The motor makes a surprisingly loud buzzing noise. If you frame it right in the window, it looks like he's flying over downtown Manhattan.


  1. Love the brick wall with your book shelves.

  2. I love that look. It's so simple yet chic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. very clean and fresh setup! cute :) also jst want to say i love your blog! i am yet another struggling writer myself (not implying your struggling hehe) and it is a really cool refreshing look at telling your story and i bet its in great demand! all us noseys get to inside lovely places! i stalk houses from the outside all the time- they can be so cute and adorable...nice to get a look inside here too :) would love you to follow me too, im just starting out so a little confused trying to work it all out but hey all fun and games. thanks for your great work.