Thursday, August 13

Colorfully flocked chandeliers

Catherine's flocking obsession played out on chandeliers. Flocking is the process of depositing tiny fiber particles, with a flocking gun, onto a surface for a tactile effect similar to velour. (Safety goggles and dusk mask strongly recommended.) You can flock pretty much anything, in just about any color. Some of Catherine's chandeliers are yellow...some are mint green...they're all on dimmers...

Here's the yellow one in the entry. The kitchen is around the corner, where a chandelier shares space with shelved books and a birdcage.

Catherine and her flocking gun treasure chest...

One time Catherine lent her chandeliers to a friend for a party. The place was miserably empty. "Disenchandeliered," said a friend.


  1. really lovely apartment and chandeliers ,and flocking sounds like fun !

  2. Looks like my kinda place. Very nice!

  3. Hani, I'm dying to come visit you in the desert! xo