Tuesday, July 21

Artwork: "i have no idea..."

I'm on deadline for a couple of stories and a beast of an essay for grad school, and I came across this photo of Jessica Fleischmann's dining area. "i have no idea of what's going on" is exactly how I feel right now. It's by Tuan Phan, a former classmate of J.F.'s at CalArts.

OK, back to work. Where do I start???

Oh, and those are Tord Boontje's garlands wrapped around the bulbs. So pretty.


  1. I too am in a state of wondering what the eff is going on. Cheers to making it happen.

  2. Hi, Sugar. Are you eating bacon and jam again for dinner? Rock on.

  3. loving that drawing...so great...need to hang it on my wall!