Thursday, June 25

Me, Vermont

I'm back from school and am really missing all things Bennington--my awesome class of June 2011, new friends, inspiring instructors and lecturers, eating chewy cookies after every meal in the cafeteria. And nature: walking into town on a dirt path lit by moonlight and fireflies. Or spotting one of the property's 121 reported species of birds fly over the pond on the way to a reading.

Last night in New York I met up with some friends on the Lower East Side, and we couldn't escape the route--and therefore, smell--of a garbage truck. Oh, how life changes, and so quickly.

Anyway, here are a few more pics of my dorm and surroundings. (Man, I really messed up the HTML on this one, so it won't be continued at the end, as promised by the link.)

I really loved the architecture at Bennington, which ranged from a 1930s neo-Georgian Commons building to some contemporary dorms built in 2001 by Kyo Sung Woo Architects that were published in Architectural Record. Though there are a mix of a few styles, the campus still looked unified to my not-too-critical eye. Maybe it's because the buildings, whether new or old, shared elements like strong lines and stained or white-painted wood exteriors. And it probably helps that the Vermont college's 470 acres of landscaped lawns, dotted with pairs of green Adirondack chairs, is quintessential New England vernacular.

Below, a view from the front door of Swan, my dorm (Lorna, this is for you!). Many mornings were spent with tea in those Adirondack chairs, or as a classmate calls fondly calls them, "the insane-asylum chairs." A hallway in the dorm. One of the bathrooms--I love the sink stand. The doorknobs are fantastic, too. Such a strange shade of rust. From the bathroom window is a view of courtyard.

There were beautiful old radiators everywhere. This one is near the entrance. I met my classmate Jen Acker when I was taking this picture, scrunched up against the opposite wall as she was coming in. "Oh, hi. I'm Liz, nonfiction. Um, I have this blog..."

Swan's common area, below, was very cozy. I miss having a living room. There was even a piano. The second photo is of classmates Molly Gross and Rolf Potts in the common area at Woolley, the dorm across from and attached to Swan. Same couch! College students: drinking out of coffee mugs, whiskey in paper bags.

Below, in the cafeteria, cutlery clarification. Just in case.

The lawn from just outside the Commons building. Frisbee! (Do you know about the history of the Frisbee? It originated in New England, on greens like these. Here's an unofficial version of the story.) The view from this perspective is called "The End of the World." In person, it appears that the lawn drops off at the edge near a stone wall in the distance.

The walk on the way to readings. A field of wildflowers. Stone footpaths. A dirt shortcut. Getting smarter?


  1. areally beautiful home. if ever your in ireland you can do my house, nothing amazing.

  2. It's gorgeous! It certainly makes my college look like a pile of puke.