Saturday, June 13

I'm away at school!

Greetings from Bennington, Vermont! Sorry I haven't been posting much recently. I arrived Thursday for my first term of a two-year MFA program for nonfiction writing at Bennington College. It's been quite a whirlwind, but it's been a wonderful experience so far. It's a low-residency format, which means we get together twice a year, in January and June, for ten days of workshops, readings and lectures. The campus is beautiful, and my dorm room, pictured above, is big but spartan. It's actually a nice break coming from a small New York City apartment that's crammed with all my belongings.

Below is my dorm. It's called Swan. I'm in Swan 11, a second-floor room that an upperclassmen told me is charmed. She explained to me how to open the two windows for the most advantageous wind current. It works! I am also enjoying my desk. It overlooks a peaceful lawn behind the library. Speaking of which, I need to head out to class. Today is my first workshop with authors Dinah Lenney and Nick Montemarano. Stay tuned for more pictures to come.

I'm falling in love with old radiators.