Tuesday, June 30

Colin Clark, Park Slope

Colin Clark (above right), is a photographer, and he lives below Mario (above left), who I visited in a recent post. Colin invited Mario and me to dinner after our Homebodies session. He was making summer rolls with his lovely girlfriend, writer Liz Colville. What cool neighbors! I like that I got to hang out with other people in the building. And that they fed us, even though we were supposed to help cook.

I didn’t get to do a big tour of the apartment, since we were all more into eating than blogging by this point, but I snapped a few shots because I really loved the place—vintage lighting, cool antiques, happy plants. My photos don’t do it justice.

But Colin's do! He likes shooting interiors, as well as landscapes and portraiture (my favorites are in the lifestyle section of his website). I asked him to send me a few of his home so we can see in daylight, through the eyes and lens of a professional. They're pretty awesome, and I'll post them after this entry goes up. We're thinking of collaborating on some other posts, too, when he's not shooting
for Men's Journal, Real Simple and Ski Magazine.

The apartment is one floor below Mario’s, and the layout is similar. I love how open it is when you enter. You walk right in to a large living room with a dining area near the kitchen, which is on the left. If you're lucky, a platter of summer rolls sits directly ahead on the table.

That's Colin's vintage racing bike; the door to the apartment is to the right. He found the Danish credenza on eBay, and it was a local pickup.

Living and Dining area
A lot of the furniture came from Mario's mom's store, the sometimes-open Upcountry Antiques in Trumansburg, New York. Colin moved into this place in November, went to visit Mario's family for Thanksgiving, and came back with a nearly furnished apartment. The antique mahogany dining table and Hitchcock chairs are from Upcountry, and the rug in the entry is from Mario's brother, who once sold rugs. Can you imagine this guy hanging over your couch every night with his feed-me face?

Colin painted the kitchen green for no reason he can recall. "I just went to Lowe's and didn't know what color to paint it, so I looked at swatches and picked this one," he says. "When I moved in, it was a god-awful orange." Once the walls were green, he realized rather suddenly that he hadn't yet dealt with the fact of the red linoleum floors. Mario's reaction: "Oh, the Italian flag!" So Colin painted the floors a neutral grey. Below Liz and Mario in the kitchen. The remnants of summer rolls. The old, exposed doorbell is oddly placed at the edge of a wall, and apparently it is rudely loud. How great is the ceiling? On the window sill between the kitchen and the dining area, an iPod is hooked up to a Tivoli near the nub of a mostly eaten carrot.

Living Room
After dinner, Liz and Colin crashed on the Design Within Reach couch. "It's kind of Mad Men," he says. Mario settled into an Eames lounge chair, a gift from Colin's grandma. The lamp is from White Trash in the East Village, and the Iranian rug is from ABC Carpet & Home. Colin pulled the coffee table from his parents' attic in Vermont, as well as the postcard, which features the same-style plane his grandfather flew during World War II. The Shaker rocking chair is from Upcountry. A functioning 1970s Pentax 6 x 7 was Colin's camera of choice before he went digital. The pillows are from Mom, and the radio, says Colin, "I stole from her and she wants it back."

Stay tuned for more photos by Colin, to be posted soon...


  1. What a great post! Thanks Liz!

    How is Bennington?

  2. Well, for being low light and not so "blog focused," these are great!

  3. Envy the Eames Lounge chair. Dig the green kitchen. We just painted my sister and brother-in-law's kitchen this color (they have a 1920's craftsman cottage).