Saturday, March 21

Hayley Murphy, Venice

Hayley and I grew up a mile away from each other near fields of alfalfa in Parnell, Michigan. Our families both attended St. Patrick's church, so we'd genuflect toward the same altar weekly--as long as she wasn't skipping Mass to "babysit in the nursery." Too bad we didn't hang out much back then, but we reconnected a few months ago in ways that are unclear. Facebook? Through Betsy? Regardless, I'm so glad we did. She's still a wonderfully kooky character and is a talented celebrity photographer. She's also an awesome babysitter, I'd imagine, given all that practice.

Hayley lives with four other people in an artists' compound in Venice, California. She loves it here, but her last home in Venice was the house where the Cheech & Chong movie Up in Smoke was shot, so you can imagine that was loads of fun...

In the back, Hayley converted the shed into a studio. Amidst some borrowed lights and cone-shaped thingamajigs, she's working on a catalog project: Osiris sneakers. There's a courtyard with a koi pond just outside.

The bay window in Hayley's room makes her work space so serene, and the potted plants look right at home with the garden on the other side of the glass. Hayley made the painting with oils she inherited from her grandmother, and she framed it with wood from the window of an old house. The hallway to the bedroom from the living room.

Living Room and Dining Room
Tall ceilings, an indoor swing near views of the garden, a fireplace with cherubs and broken cups and plates set in the concrete. In the corner, roommate Nikki's piano and an inspirational bust. Russian folk songs. Why not?

If I lived here, I would come in here just to look out the window at the wall of vegetation.

Footpaths, ferns and flower boxes. I love Venice. It's nice when the bars on the windows are pretty. Helps you forget why they're there. Off to work! Hayley and I left to go try talking to the people who live in RVs.

Hayley was the first person whose place I photographed for this blog, so I didn't really know what I was looking for yet. I wish I'd let her take care of the photos--they'd be so much better.


  1. Liz, this was so nicely done. I remember hanging out with Haley, glad to her personality is still in tact!! We were going out with the Teft brothers at the same time haha. Her house is so terrific-wow!! ~sheila

  2. I love to see me some hayley. She always has great windows...a blessing of her life. I have not made it out there yet but need to soon.